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What is the cost for using service?
There is no cost or service fee to use hotel reservation service. We on the other hand, bring you best available deals that are not available in hotel properties themselves, but we are able to negotiate with all hotels accross Pakistan due to our special linkages with prestigious hotels.

Are your rates inclusive of taxes, or do we have to pay them separately.

Our rates are base rates, and any Government applicable taxes (GST , FED)  are paid by you at the time of checkout from the hotel.

What if I book online for one night, and extend my stay for more than that. Is that okay?

Yes, that is perfectly okay with us as well as most of the hotels, but if you plan to stay for more than a week at any property, we might be able to get you an even better deal that online rates, so you save more if you plan well in advance.

In case you extend your stay at hotel, respective hotel property will provide you an invoice for your additional charges at the time of checkout which will be immediately payable. For further information, please contact us at +92-51-2228030 or +92-334-5405008


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